Image Flash #15

“He’s sleeping with my wife, Tom, I know it.” Tom scratched his blonde hair and scrunched up his face. “Oh… I dunno, Mikey. I don’t think Rick would do that to ya.” Mikey pulled on one of his galoshes. “Oh yeah?... read more

Image Flash #13

“Steph.  Wake up.  I think I hear something.” Stephanie didn’t open her eyes and let out a long sigh.  “Of course you hear things.” Eric sat up, letting a rush of cool air into the sleeping bag.  Steph shuddered.  “Will you cut it out?  You’re giving me goosebumps.”... read more

Image Flash #10

Robert Loting held his coffee cupped in shaking hands. They were big hands, washed clean, but they looked bloody. They had no skin on the knuckles. The coffee was heavily sugared, dark, with no cream. Officer Brighton entered the room followed by another man. “Hey... read more

Image Flash #7

Paul had always done well with transitions. When his parents divorced, they were both concerned about how it would affect his behavior. They had as many worries about him as their discord ridden and distracted hearts could muster. “You know Daddy still loves you, even... read more

Image Flash #1

“I cannot express how much I’ve grown to love my darling Ixodoidia, almost to the exclusion of all else. For a time my fascination for her was such that I simply forgot all manner of personal responsibilities. The result of such foolish activity was not without... read more

Fred Gibson leapt into the air. As he collided with the oak his finger and toe nails gripped the bark and he scurried up the trunk.

from 'The Price of Scampering'