Image Flash #18

It was metal and rivets and magic. And it was leaving. The great sloppy thing shuddered and wobbled its way up into the night sky, headed for who-knows-where.  Someplace better.  Julia didn’t feel sad not to be going with them.  She knew she’d get on one... read more

Image Flash #17

“You knew it was going to be like this.” Spoken aloud, to himself, the words seemed even more empty and brought little comfort.  Tiny things, muffled by plastic, glass, and thousands of pounds of water overhead.  He’d forgotten how it was a bad idea... read more

Image Flash #16

“Your mask.  It is unnecessary,” whispered Ellise.  “I know what I’ve agreed to.” Her speech was barely audible, a mere mutter, despite the fact that her captor stood across the chamber, past the smouldering embers of the fireplace and... read more

Image Flash #15

“He’s sleeping with my wife, Tom, I know it.” Tom scratched his blonde hair and scrunched up his face. “Oh… I dunno, Mikey. I don’t think Rick would do that to ya.” Mikey pulled on one of his galoshes. “Oh yeah?... read more

Two Sentence Terrors

Been seeing a lot of these style of micro-story going around and figured I’d do a list myself.  Here’s 1o little two sentence horror stories for you. Thanks Lisa for the idea.  These were fun to do! 1.)  It wasn’t the being lost in the woods, or the... read more

Image Flash #14

When the Hound of a Thousand Faces chose to be born on Callis Four he knew he would not live long.  The body was small, female, and he felt colder than the last one.  He had his saffron acolytes bring him a sweater and went out onto the balcony. “Where is it... read more

Image Flash #13

“Steph.  Wake up.  I think I hear something.” Stephanie didn’t open her eyes and let out a long sigh.  “Of course you hear things.” Eric sat up, letting a rush of cool air into the sleeping bag.  Steph shuddered.  “Will you cut it out?  You’re giving me goosebumps.”... read more

Image Flash #12

My father, my dead father, was so reviled that even the ghosts would not tend to his corpse. I’d hauled what was left of his body to the pier myself and bound it securely in thick necklace chain.  I sacrificed a grackle and used its blood to adorn him.  Seven stumpy... read more

Image Flash #11

“It looks like it might rain. Are you sure this is a good idea right now?” “You’re not made of sugar.” “No, but that doesn’t mean I want to get soaked though.” As if to prove her point, a low growl of thunder rolled in the distance. “That’s nowhere near here, we won’t... read more

Image Flash #10

Robert Loting held his coffee cupped in shaking hands. They were big hands, washed clean, but they looked bloody. They had no skin on the knuckles. The coffee was heavily sugared, dark, with no cream. Officer Brighton entered the room followed by another man. “Hey... read more

Trailer Dan’s smile faded and he replaced it with a serious expression. “Ok. Here’s what you need to tell Nigel for me. Tell him,” he paused, seeming to think for a moment.

“Tell him that I’ve gone to see the father of God.”

from 'The Grey Heaven'