Image Flash #10

Robert Loting held his coffee cupped in shaking hands. They were big hands, washed clean, but they looked bloody. They had no skin on the knuckles. The coffee was heavily sugared, dark, with no cream. Officer Brighton entered the room followed by another man. “Hey... read more

Image Flash #9

The dawn soaked through the thick canopy at the cost of losing its nature. It was not a warm illuminator here. It emerged through mossy branches as a heavy yellow thing, tainted with a deeper hue. The fog accosted it, eliminating any joy or comfort it may have... read more

Image Flash #6

Travis ran the Big Monster at the carnival and nobody ever suspected. He wore his yellow reflective vest like a priest and people treated him as such. Although he was just a lowly carnie, they would stand in line for him, move to the cars when he indicated, and wait... read more

Image Flash #3

When the green sea swallowed Marty Doman it felt more like milk to him than water. The dense algae laden soup turned his world into a thick viridian, and slowed everything down. He imagined being trapped inside one of his grandmother’s lime Jello dishes. The kind she... read more

Image Flash #1

“I cannot express how much I’ve grown to love my darling Ixodoidia, almost to the exclusion of all else. For a time my fascination for her was such that I simply forgot all manner of personal responsibilities. The result of such foolish activity was not without... read more

Rick took a deep breath, gulped the air, and dove straight down.  He kept kicking with his legs and stretched his right hand out into the murky depths, reaching.

from 'Sandgrabbing'