Image Flash #18

It was metal and rivets and magic. And it was leaving. The great sloppy thing shuddered and wobbled its way up into the night sky, headed for who-knows-where.  Someplace better.  Julia didn’t feel sad not to be going with them.  She knew she’d get on one... read more

Image Flash #12

My father, my dead father, was so reviled that even the ghosts would not tend to his corpse. I’d hauled what was left of his body to the pier myself and bound it securely in thick necklace chain.  I sacrificed a grackle and used its blood to adorn him.  Seven stumpy... read more

Image Flash #11

“It looks like it might rain. Are you sure this is a good idea right now?” “You’re not made of sugar.” “No, but that doesn’t mean I want to get soaked though.” As if to prove her point, a low growl of thunder rolled in the distance. “That’s nowhere near here, we won’t... read more

Image Flash #5

I strolled through, enjoying the warm summer breeze. At the end of a particularly curvaceous trail I came to the edge of the property. There was a rod iron fence that ran the entire perimeter. I had been here earlier and infused the bars with time. Now they emanated... read more

 Dhalryk spat down on them. “Your Saint can crumble to dust for all I care! You’ll get no reward but steel if you try anything with this soul!”

from 'The Road to Boughs Shadow'