Been seeing a lot of these style of micro-story going around and figured I’d do a list myself.  Here’s 1o little two sentence horror stories for you. Thanks Lisa for the idea.  These were fun to do!

1.)  It wasn’t the being lost in the woods, or the approaching sunset, or the fear of wild animals that terrified Carol.  It was the screams she kept hearing in the distance.

 2.)  Brian pried open the clam, hoping that it would be the one that had a pearl worthy of Lisa, but instead of a prize he found a tiny bloody eyeball resting on the meaty juice where a pearl should be. It blinked open and it’s color was exactly like Lisa’s.

 3.)  Amanda understood why Lubbo, their golden retriever, would always sit outside the door to Dougie’s room even after they’d lost him. What she didn’t understand was why he’d recently taken to growling at it.

 4.)  The smell of smoke had awoken him in time and, despite burns, Jamal kicked down the door and staggered out of the blazing house.  There were men there, he thought were firemen, until they began to pour gasoline onto him and pushed him back toward the house.

 5.)  Mark had known that participating in the Fright Fight game show would require him to do some disgusting things and eat some horrible stuff.  What he hadn’t known was that months after the show he’d still be able to feel the maggots moving around in his guts.

 6.)  “Nurse, I don’t see what there is to talk about since the patient died yesterday.”
“I know doctor, but the cancer is still growing.”

 7.)  When they’d cased the house there had been no sign of a dog, so Mike was very surprised to see a food and water dish on the kitchen floor. But he was more terrified to see that the water dish was filled with blood.

 8.)  In his last moments Private Murrow saw the angel standing twenty feet away near the severed bottom half of his body and muttered, “Thank you, Jesus.”
The angel smiled a row of fangs and responded, “I’m not that kind of angel.”

 9.)  When the aliens came they brought with them a religion that forbade the killing of any living creature and humanity was relieved. Of course, that was before we realized they considered human eyes a delicacy and had no problem harvesting from the living.

 10.)  On Monday morning Mary entered her newborn baby’s room with a bottle and found an identical copy of her baby in the crib, four of them on Tuesday, and eight of the things on Wednesday. By Sunday morning Mary entered her newborn baby’s room with a knife.