I did a creepy horror version of this a while back.  This time I’m headed for the cosmos with ten little science fiction snippets. Let me know which ones you like best!

1.) Zelar the Undying’s instruments confirmed that the the star, a swollen red blight that covered half the sky, was in its final stages. Annoyed with the frequency with which it happened, he resigned himself to moving again.

2.) The Lec10 rifle was wired directly into Commander Vargas’ brain and every shot splattered another of the advancing insect horde. As precise as the weapon was he knew it wouldn’t be enough to stop them all and, for the first time, wished the cerebral safety restrictions built into the gun would let him use the last bullet for himself.

3.) Professor Hardington frowned at his rival, Doctor Cline. “While I appreciate the tremendous effort and scientific achievement in animating fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs I fail to see the practical aplica… Ahhh!”

4.) It is widely accepted that the most amazing sky in known space is on Bil-Yaris. To be fair though, it’s the spectacular view of a dozen colorful moons, each with multiple moons of their own (which, in turn, have their own asteroid satellites) that everyone marvels at and not the actual sky.

5.) We made sure bodies one through six were in their positions with the proper weaponry, that seven had the escape shuttle ready, eight had hacked the surveillance with nine’s help, and ten had set the explosives. As one flesh, we moved.

6.) He chuckled from his balcony vantage as he watched his past self on stage giving a speech. “Time travel is not possible!”

7.) The bullet moved on an arc, angled high to counter the massive gravity pull, travelling at a snails pace, and cutting through the thick atmosphere with slow determination. It was only ten feet (and as many minutes) away, but as Jonathan watched it approach, he was acutely aware that the same forces that hindered the bullet were the same ones that would keep him from moving aside before it would reach him.

8.) Just grateful to have it, Jared never thought about science involved in how his robotic arm worked. If he had, he’d have likely removed the networked diagnostic chip it contained as soon as the anti-human A.I. programs overran the net.

9.) “The good news is we’ve discovered we’re toxic to the aliens so if they eat us, they die. Unfortunately, we’ve also discovered that they’re really stupid and don’t learn from their mistakes.”

10.) Engineer Roan had explained to Shelly a hundred times that it wasn’t possible for her to be hearing whale song at the depth the station was at, that they were all long extinct, and she must be imagining things. She knew he was probably right, but, despite this, something down there was singing.