Lots and lots going on in my world as Fall rolls into town. I’ve been trying to pack in as much outdoor fun as possible while the weather is beautiful. In the past month I’ve been hiking a bunch of times (including a trip to gorgeous Kejimjujik park), gone clamming (yum!), fishing for mackerel (tossed those buggers back, no idea how to cook ’em), and spent a bunch of time relaxing in the shade by my campfire. All in all, it’s been a pretty good summer.

It’s also been a fun first month for my new Patreon endeavor. I got ten Patrons so far and one mysterious donor pledged 8 times my top tier! Thanks whoever you are! I’m now making $110 bucks a month as an author. To put that in context, selling a short story averages between $20 and $100 bucks and typically takes months and months to find the right publisher, if ever. There are some pro markets out there that will pay $500-1000 a story, but they’re really, really difficult to get into. Most of their slots are usually taken by well established authors with lots of rep and books. So, getting what I do now, is the same as if I sold a high end story once a month! That’s great! It frees me up for more time writing rather than submitting all the time and playing ping pong with a dozen different publishers! I’ve been writing like crazy and have, in the last four weeks, finished seven stories. Seven! It’s good, but I’m going to have to keep up the pace indefinitely. I’ll manage. I’m not going to fall behind on my Patron rewards. I did discover that mail from Nova Scotia takes about twice as long as I’d expected. Everybody who signed up to get my stories in the mail got them later than I wanted. Sorry folks. Although, thankfully, since it was the first month they probably never even realized they were late. Lucky for me! Next month is written already and will be mailed sooner (especially my one Patron in Hawaii! I promise it’ll arrive, but no guarantees on time for that one!)

I also started playing with some cool graphics manipulations for some of my writing. I enjoyed the process of making my promotional video. Because the process wasn’t terribly time consuming, I’ve decided to try and do tiny animatics for my stories. Jill’s art deserves it. The first one didn’t turn out like I’d planned, but it’s pretty good. I’ll keep trying until I’m able to produce better results with less effort. As it stands, I dig it. Check it out. Facebook hid it from a lot of people and keeps spamming me with promises of fame and fortune if I give them 10 bucks to promote it. Riiight.

The real big news for this month is that I’m taking a trip to Newfoundland to help pack up and move my in-laws to their new house. I’ll be spending a few weeks loading a giant truck, driving it across the island, and then taking the ferry to Nova Scotia. Lots of work. I’ll miss Jill and the kiddo while I’m gone, but once they’re moved it’ll be nice having more family close by. This is going to be the real test of my keeping up with my full time writing. I’ve finished October’s stories, but have a bit to go for November’s releases. This trip will chomp a great big bite out of my time.

On top of this, my awesome eldest daughter is coming up to spend Halloween week with me!  The visit is going to be great and everyone’s excited for it, but I don’t want to squander any of her visit time and would like an entirely free schedule. This means even less time for writing December’s stuff! Ahh well. This is where I find out if I’m a pro or not, right? All this over-scheduling will force me to organize and work quickly and decisively. I’m not worried. I’m on it.

That’s it for now mostly. I gotta go pack. Gotta leave to catch that plane at near 5:30am tomorrow. Blech. My nocturnal side does not enjoy that. I hope everyone out there is having a good end of summertime too. Although, from the sound of it, a lot of places have been roasting and have another month before things cool off. Get it in while you can folks! Before you know it we’ll be sippin’ cider and covered in Halloween cobwebs!