Slogging the Mire: 6/24/17

by | Jun 25, 2017 | Updates | 1 comment

Alright folks, here’s your update!

That guy in the picture? Those are my plans, smashing head-long into a wall. Nothing really went the way we’d hoped, but that’s not so bad. Turns out, we wound up not too far off the mark.

Instead of building a house, we bought an old, fixer-upper in a town called Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, and have been working on that for the past year. It was a total reno; new electrical, new plumbing, re-framing walls, re-insulating, new drywall, new floors, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, and so on… It was kinda like building an entire house, but with more old house to work around at odd angles and, the best part, unlike building from scratch we could actually live in it! Bonus points for not being homeless more than the 10 weeks we were last summer! Living in hotels and camping gets old real fast.

So, the place is far from done. I’ve still got plaster to do, two rooms to knock off and replace, a patio to replace, a deck to build, landscaping, new siding, and a kitchen and a bathroom need tile. But, the heart of the place is intact and a lot of it is cosmetic. So, we’re good. It’s live-able, has a beautiful stream out back, and Jill and I love it. It’ll likely be 3-4 years before the place starts to look close to finished, but that’s okay. Even like this, it’s way better than most of the crappy apartments I’ve lived in.

In April we shut down Forte’ Framing and Gallery. I was sad to see it go, but really, I wasn’t there anymore and Jess wasn’t digging running it for us. The end of a chapter. The goodbye party was fantastic.

Jill’s painting like a mad woman. Some awesome stuff. She’s starting to sell some and make money off it. I have no doubt she’ll be doing this full time soon. Meanwhile she’s teaching art classes and other odds and ends as well. I’m in immigration limbo. I can’t have a job here in Canada until a bunch of expensive paperwork is done and I’m further into the process. Likely a year.

I got back from shutting down Forte in May and hit a great big “what now”? The finances aren’t in place to go full force into more house reno, and there’s no rush anyway. I can’t work an official job. I haven’t consistently written for over a year while working on this move. I considered picking up some other art form. Maybe sculpture, or jewelry, or whatever. Perhaps I’d do more game design? I wrestled it for about two months before I came to a realization.

I’ve only ever been a part time author. I was always working, or full time raising kids, or dealing with crisis. Despite this, I’ve managed to work with several fantastic writers groups, get published in a few magazines, get into an anthology, write for a comic book company, become a finalist in a play competition (twice!), and produce over sixty stories.

What the fuck would happen if I did this full time with no distractions?

Well folks, we’re about to find out. I’m going full time author. Forty hours a week. Like a damn real job. My goal is about five pages a day. At least. Every day, from now on. I’m gonna get big, beefy, finger muscles from all the typing I’ll be doing. What will I be working on? Where will all these newborn words be going?

Stay tuned. Big stuff coming. But for now, I’ll just leave you with a bit of antici…