I’ve got a great big announcement!

I will be starting a new promotional schedule starting in August. I’m going to keep a lot of it as a surprise, but I’d like to reveal one part of it because I need everyone’s help.

I’m writing a serial novel and I need your help
in deciding which one to do!

Firstly, let me explain the format of a serial novel. Essentially it’s like a normal novel except that gets released a little at a time. It’s a suspense thing! A little bit of the story is put out twice a week (Monday and Friday), adding up to an entire chapter every month. The whole book is twelve chapters and will take one year to complete.

I have complete outlines for three stories and have already written three first chapters, one for each of the novels.

I am ready to roll!

The only problem is I like all the ideas and could really go with any one of them. This is where you come in! I’ll give you a synopsis (like reading the back of a book) and then tell me which one you like the most. Whatever story gets the most votes is what I’ll write! Just comment in the blog here or message me or call or whatever. I’ll spend all of July sorting out which one everyone is most interested in and then launch in August!

Here are the candidates in no particular order.

Title: The Cache

Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: Mia and Aaron have a wonderful life and a beautiful daughter. On a romantic weekend getaway they decide to go geo-chacheing (a GPS scavenger hunt) out in nature. Their first discovery contains a message that their daughter has been kidnapped and coordinates to the next cache. They begin a deadly race against time to get their daughter back, all the while trying to figure out why they’ve been targeted and who is behind it.

Title: Navigator Gods

Genre: Science Fiction
Synopsis: The Dell Singh colony star-ship is in the middle of a two century trip to a faraway planet. The inhabitants live in a virtual reality during their cryogenic sleep and the ship is controlled remotely by people far away on an Earth that has all but forgotten about them. But when crew on-board start mysteriously being murdered it’s up to one of the Navigators back home to solve a mystery half a galaxy away.

Title: The Shudder Beyond Breath

Genre: Horror
Synopsis: When somebody does a job that’s been in their family for a long time, people say “it’s in their blood”.  When an ex-cop, from a long line of law enforcers, comes face to face with a serial killer with a generational heritage of murder, the ingrained histories in their blood opens up a supernatural inheritance for both of them, with terrifying results.


So, which one do you want to read?