Whew! That was a rough couple of weeks!

You probably know why; I got hit by the C2E2 train. My Thursday writing day last week was derailed by Jiba and I having to set up for the con. We arrived early on Thursday, hoping to be able to setup before I started work. I was fully expecting it would be a quick job and I’d get to have my full writing day. Yeah, no such luck. Turns out our location was fantastic! We were right on a corner! Right near the entrance! Check it out.

c2e2 map

Near perfect placement. We were not really prepared for that. I ended up spending the day buying curtains and going over to the convention center with Gale.  They tried giving me crap about letting her in, but I talked my way past security with assurances that we were only going in to quickly drop stuff off. Once inside, we used pipes and duct tape to build a structure to hang the curtains and separate us from the next door booth a bit. Four year olds are actually pretty good helpers when it comes to holding stuff and handing you tools. The result wasn’t beautiful, but it worked well enough to hang our art on and made the booth look presentable. It turned out like this.

We were as prepared as we were gonna get. The whole Griot Crew, Jiba, LaMorris, and I spent the next three days selling books and talking to attendees pretty much non stop. Thankfully, Jiba and I aren’t known for being quiet guys. We managed to sell out of all the Issue 1 of the Mark of Cloven and 2/3 of the Issue 2 and 3. All the first issue trades sold out and about half of the preview books for 4 Pages, 16 Bars. It was a rousing, exhausting, success.

I don’t have too much of a recap of the actual con. I spent the vast majority of the time in the booth, pushing product. There were, as usual, a whole bunch of cool cosplay and some folks came by to visit the booth, so that was nice. But I didn’t manage to see any panels or really take a lot of time looking around. Rachel and I did hunt for Borderlands swag and managed to get a pair of matching hats. I also picked up some posters that were Twin Peaks themed, mock paperback book covers. I also had to break a bunch of $20 dollar bills at one point so I picked up a bunch of cheap old Conan comics and some issues of Heavy Metal. Over the course of the weekend, it was inspiring to see so many people excited for the project and also to see so many indie creators all in one place. It’s good to know you’re not alone in this daydream factory.

Even with all the activity I did manage to have a good meeting with Gracie before the C2E2 madness and rolled my movie outline past her and, together, we worked out the narrative timeline. I can put that one on the back burner for a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to have a full writing day tomorrow. I’ll have a couple hours of framing to do, I’m sure, but beyond that I should get a good ten hours into my ‘Satanic Panic’ story.  I think I might end up calling it ‘The Gate Below Bethel’. We’ll see. After that, I finish up Issue 5 of Mark of the Cloven. #4 is done and Jiba’s working away on the art. He assures me that, as long as life doesn’t throw a curve ball, it should be done in the next 6 weeks.  So that’s cool. Issue 5 will be written long before that.

Tons to do, not enough time to do it. With any luck, I’ll have another story draft done by tomorrow!