It was eight years ago this weekend that I went up to the World Horror Convention in Toronto. I bummed a ride and managed to secure a spot on the floor of the con-suite to sleep (beds are for wussies). I’d gone with the Twilight Tales crew and we were pitching the, newly released, beast of an anthology, The Book of Dead Things. I’ve got a soggy mummy story in it.

Anyway, it was a long weekend of drunken discussions about horror movies, writing craft, and the sorts of fun that only happen when you get a bunch of horror fans together. If you’re not aware, horror fans are typically the nicest fans in the world. Dunno why, but it’s true. Perhaps it’s the sense of camaraderie from shared nightmare experiences, or the kinship that comes from being ostracized for giggling at decapitations. I couldn’t say for certain. Suffice it to say it was a damn good time that included my being kissed by the legendary Wayne Allen Sallee.

But that’s another story…

During the course of this weekend there were scheduled readings from lots of authors. I had one of the slots. Now, I was used to reading in the safe confines of the good old haunted Red Lion Inn, but  I suspected that reading at World Horror might be a tad different. After all, I’d just had an accidental conversation with Ellen Datlow on an elevator and didn’t even recognize her. I didn’t know what to expect.

Turns out it was a pretty life changing reading. This cute girl I’d met, and invited to the thing, ended up liking it and hanging out with me the rest of the weekend. Then long distance dating. Then I wound up marrying her. Basically, there hasn’t been a time since I read that story that she hadn’t been around!

Obviously, its a magical story, about, well… you know… a dead, man-eating, dog.

So, in honor of the eight year anniversary of meeting my amazing wife, Jill, I’ve decided to add this woman attracting, amazing literature, to my website. A Burial For Zeus is not a good story, but it will always be the best one I ever wrote. Here is is, unedited, flaws an all, exactly as Jill first heard it.


Oh, and as far as an update of sorts. I wrote a fun sci-fi story set on Mars last week. You can find that in the Science Fiction section of the site. In fact, the whole site’s gotten a bit of an overhaul. Cruise around, check it out. Let me know what you think. Content should be a lot easier to find and there’s a good deal more of it.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go back to writing.