Four months with no updates! Where the hell have I been?

I’ve been here. Sadly, the judemire website has not. The domain needed renewing in November. I got right on it, but for some reason, the site didn’t spring back to life. This was in the middle of the holiday rush for the shop and then January turned out to be a super busy month running the business. I made a few attempts to solve the issue but, due to work, couldn’t invest the time required. Things settled down in February and I was able to track the root of the problem and solve it. Isn’t technology grand?

That gets us current, staring back over an awful, four month long, chuck of inactivity. Unfun. I intend to remedy it.

Like I mentioned, it was a frantic holiday season, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting things done. I got tired of not having a writing office and, using scrap wood and metal grates, built a giant cage to serve as an office down in the shop basement! So far, it seems to be working and my productivity has increased. Issue four of Mark of the Cloven is written, done, and in the can. Jiba’s working on art for it. He’s been even busier than I have, but it’s coming along. Slow and steady wins the race. Griot is also going to take the first three issues and collect them into a trade paperback. To make that a little special, I managed to write a prologue that will get added in as bonus content. I got to play with the primary villains of the series for the scene, so that was lots of fun. I’m hip deep into issue five, Oya’s issue, and have her running all around South America, speedster style. So, the Horsemen stuff I’m doing is under control. Four more issues after the current one I’m writing. I’m going to ease up on the schedule, do one a quarter, so I’ve got time to work on other shorts and some novel outlining and prep.

I’m still working on assembling a bunch of stories and art for the Cult Fiction Quarterly mag. About 90% of the writing for issue one is done. I’ve just got to finish up my story set in the Satanic Panic of the 80’s and we need to do some final edits and grammar checking on the others. Then onto finding artists to depict scenes and do some covers. The serial horror comic that I’m writing and Neal is illustrating is coming along nicely. It’s pretty great looking with Neal’s rough cartoony style juxtaposed with the heavy violent content of the story. And, to top it off, Gracie’s been shooting some really creepy cult inspired portraiture for the photography feature in the issue. It’s all looking like a lot of fun. There’s no solid deadline for the project. I’m just going to keep working on it until I’m happy with the results, have a few issues in the can, an decide we’re ready to release.

In the midst of all this I’m helping write a surreal film short. Outline stages right now, but it’s looking promising. None of the ideas on the table are bad and I’ll enjoy working on all of them. It’ll be a fun experiment to shift away from prose writing and into screenwriting. It’s looser, more open to interpretation, and I’m stoked to see how my idea transforms and changes as it goes though a whole bunch of other people and the film process. I’m no source material purist. I’ll be happy to see the evolution.

That’s it on the project front. It’s more than enough! Thankfully, we’ve hired a bit of help at the shop so I’ve actually got more free time to work on all of this. Things are still good/normal on the homefront. Munchkin is turning four in a couple days. The middle one is graduating High School in a couple months. Amazing how fast it’s going! Which reminds me; I’ve got to get back to work! Time’s a-wastin’!