While I’ve had a pretty consistent year for creating content, I am the first to admit that I absolutely suck at updates. This one’s a biggie.

I make no promises, but I’m going to do my best to hit these about once a month from now on. That’s going to be rough, and once you hear what’s going on, you’ll see why. I’m gonna break this down into two parts. First part…

As is the norm, life is about to change. This is pretty common, but every once in a while you get a big shake up. Things like babies, marriages, moving, new jobs, etc… I’ve got a huge one rolling in on my pretty quick here; we’re moving to Nova Scotia in about three months. There’s a lot of factors at play, but as things stand, its looking like we’re going to spend half of April with family in Newfoundland, planning and prepping some things, and then, sometime early May, I’ll be meeting my father-in-law in Nova Scotia where we will commence building a house. I’ll do that for a month or so, then Jill and Gale will join me. We’ll effectively be living in Nova Scotia during another month of building and, when the house is good enough to live in, we’ll come back, get our stuff, and head out.

There is a crap ton of things to do between now and then. We’d always planned on leaving in June/July, but this plan has gone and chomped about six weeks of that time earlier for me. This means I have a lot less time in the States than I’d anticipated. From here, things start to happen at a pretty breakneck speed. If you wanna see me before I go, message me soon. My schedule is gonna fill up quick.

I’m super excited about the whole process. The plan after the move is for me to be back in town quarterly to help run the business and keep some of our Chicago roots. I will not be vanishing entirely and will, for the foreseeable future, be a tad bit international.

Obviously, the above news is going to throw a major wrench into my writing/production schedule. My three primary projects are going to take a hit. I’m currently working on finishing the Horsemen novel, a photo-narrative project, and a horror collection. I had planned on having all three done by the time I leave. Now, given the earlier departure, it’s not feasible to tackle them all. Fortunately, I’m a good number of chapters ahead of the art production for the Horsemen. I can put that aside until that starts to catch up to me. I’ve finished the hard part on the photo-narrative project and should be able to complete my part easily before leaving. After that, there’s a period of time where, again, art is created before I’m required to write more. So, this brings me to my collection. I’ve decided to convert the horror play I wrote several years ago, Nest of Scars, into a novella and make it the collection centerpiece. So, there is that, and the completion of two short stories; ‘RipLips’ and ‘What Worship Under Heel’. Then it’s good to go. Doing this in the next 6-8 weeks is going to be a stretch, but I think it’s possible. I’m most certainly going to take as big a bite out of it as possible.

Also, while all of this is going on, I’m very reluctant to stop writing my weekly Image Flashes. They’re good practice and I enjoy the variety. So, expect to see those continue as much as I can manage, although I’ve decided to change their release day to Tuesday, since nobody reads anything on the internet on Friday.

So, there you have it. Leaving Chicago, headed to Canada, building a house, and writing like a madman. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted! Probably, like I said, I’m bad at writing updates.