Image Flash #14

When the Hound of a Thousand Faces chose to be born on Callis Four he knew he would not live long.  The body was small, female, and he felt colder than the last one.  He had his saffron acolytes bring him a sweater and went out onto the balcony. “Where is it... read more

Image Flash #8

“The air here tastes like chalk.” “I know. It’s the ventilators. They keep it dry in here.” “It’s very dry. My fingers feel smooth all the time.” “Good for them.” I want to take his hand. To touch something other than concrete, but I don’t. He wouldn’t take it right.... read more

Image Flash #5

I strolled through, enjoying the warm summer breeze. At the end of a particularly curvaceous trail I came to the edge of the property. There was a rod iron fence that ran the entire perimeter. I had been here earlier and infused the bars with time. Now they emanated... read more

Image Flash #4

Mr.Boraga looked down at his class and, not for the first time, they reminded him of grasshoppers, what he remembered of grasshoppers. They wiggled on the bench, giggling and hissing, unable to contain their excitement. “Ok kids, one last time before I open the blast... read more

Image Flash #2

The russet horizon blinked and blinked again. From edge to edge, Mira ran, tearing space, ripping her way to freedom. No Alasha had ever traveled so fast. Her bones ached, her nose bled, and the reverberations from jumps caused her ears to go deaf. She was a... read more

The functional deity waved his hand and the body burst into flames, both in virtua and aboard the Dell Singh, as the cremation unit incinerated everything efficiently. He took the crystal eye offered by the trio of witches and departed for Hell, where he did his best thinking.

from 'Navigator Gods'