Image Flash #18

It was metal and rivets and magic. And it was leaving. The great sloppy thing shuddered and wobbled its way up into the night sky, headed for who-knows-where.  Someplace better.  Julia didn’t feel sad not to be going with them.  She knew she’d get on one... read more

Image Flash #17

“You knew it was going to be like this.” Spoken aloud, to himself, the words seemed even more empty and brought little comfort.  Tiny things, muffled by plastic, glass, and thousands of pounds of water overhead.  He’d forgotten how it was a bad idea... read more

The functional deity waved his hand and the body burst into flames, both in virtua and aboard the Dell Singh, as the cremation unit incinerated everything efficiently. He took the crystal eye offered by the trio of witches and departed for Hell, where he did his best thinking.

from 'Navigator Gods'