Block Busters #1

Chapter Three of the Mark of the Cloven gave me some trouble.  It decided to drop a writer’s block on me with, no doubt, lethal intent. Fortunately, I’m well versed at  not only surviving such dangerous author-ly perils, but attacking them back with... read more

Coming to the Crossroads

The sun never rises at the Crossroads.  Oh, it peeks up in the morning, just enough to paint the horizon in a dusky pink melting up into the indigo night, but it never lasts.  It surrenders soon enough and moves straight back into a violet twilight.  It tries this... read more

C2E2 Comic Expo Schedule

Here’s the rundown of where you can find me at C2E2 this year. Most of the time I’ll be centered around booth 811, the Institute for Comic Studies booth.  I may wander off now and again, but this is my central hub. FRIDAY I’m participating in two... read more

Another Story Up!

I’ve got one of my horror stories, ‘For Five Minutes, the Deep’, up on the site now.  This story was first published in The Book of Dead Things.  Tina Jens had too many zombies on her hands and asked for interesting mummy stories.  I asked my... read more

Show and Tell

If you’ve been writing for any length of time you’ve probably heard the following advice; ‘Show. Don’t Tell. It’s good advice.  It’s the difference between reading – ~When he got the news, Tom was angry.~ and ~When he got the... read more


So, Jiba and I are going to DanCon this weekend!  It’s a fun little comic book convention in Orland Park.  There’s a fair number of vendors and over four dozen indy comic creators.  This aint C2E2.  This here’s some grass roots comic book goodness. ... read more

Green River

There’s always been something magical to me about the Chicago tradition of turning their river green for St.Patricks Day.  This goes back as far as I can remember. There’s a picture of me somewhere, on my third birthday, at an ice cream parlor called... read more

Shaped from Settings

One of the things I enjoy the most about writing is the unlimited special effects budget. When you’re staring at that blank page you can, in less than a hundred keystrokes, write something that would cost Hollywood a hundred thousand dollars.  In this regard, we... read more

Creatures I’ve Been Attacked By

For anyone who was ever interested (and I know you all are) here is a list of creatures that have attacked, tried to inflict damage, bitten, clawed, swatted, or poisoned me. Dog (domestic and wild, small and large, bites, blood) Cat (domestic, venomous scratch, bite,... read more

The What and Why of Me and The Horsemen

A lot of you know me as a horror writer.  Oh sure, I’ve mentioned that I do sci-fi and fantasy as well, but it’s not what people generally associate me with.  I’m also fairly close to finishing up my collection of short horror stories, Nest of... read more

My Bottles

I love bottles.  Mostly glass bottles, although others types can win my fancy.  I like them tall, short, round, or fluted.  I particularly enjoy them in colored glass or with unusual lips or shapes.  Handles and stoppers are a bonus. I have an unreasonable love of... read more

7 Sci-Fi Solutions to Unwanted Gun Deaths

It’s the future.  Why don’t we have ray guns yet? I don’t wanna talk about the right to have a gun.  This isn’t about gun control, or legislation, or rights, etc… it’s about the physical guns and ways they might change as futuristic... read more

What Terrors Made Me A Horror Writer #1

Back when I worked in the “real world” and had a lot more contact with different types of people and I’d often get asked why I write horror.  Whenever I explained my reasons they’d always leave dubious.  Clearly, I was lying to cover up some... read more

Let’s Fight!

So I was talking to Eric about the fantasy story he’s (still) working on and the topic comes up about fight scenes.  He tells me he’s been having issues working through them because, in general, he finds fight scenes to be dull affairs.  At first, this... read more

Nod was laughing.  I was aware that my body was holding a rifle, firing.  The drugs rose up to mix with the agony, five full doses of something wicked and special.  The sky grew purple and rippled like a velvet curtain in the wind.

from 'Vincible'