Cult Fiction Rises from the Grave!

Many of you know that for about a year I ran a live reading horror reading series called Cult Fiction. It happened in a dimly lit bar and featured a quartet of horror stories by local Chicago authors, read by local Chicago actors, with covers created by local Chicago... read more

Hope Vs. Hard Truth; How Do You Eat a Whale?

I’m behind deadline on Issue Four.  Part of it  is due to visiting relatives, busy summer schedule, and the day-to-day of trying to write around running a business and having three daughters. Another part of it goes a lot deeper. To fill you in, in case you... read more

Inspirational Quotes

I’m tired of seeing inspirational quotes with pretty background pictures.  They annoy me with all their implied setting and character assumptions.  I decided to make some new ones for myself. #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7.... read more

Why Generation X Would Thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse

The day comes, the dead rise, and the world goes to hell.  Boomers, Gen Xr’s, and Millennials are all thrown into a crap-fest of shambling corpses and biting teeth. Who’s going to survive these days of the dead?  My money is on the Gen X-er’s, and... read more

Two Sentence Terrors

Been seeing a lot of these style of micro-story going around and figured I’d do a list myself.  Here’s 1o little two sentence horror stories for you. Thanks Lisa for the idea.  These were fun to do! 1.)  It wasn’t the being lost in the woods, or the... read more

Nod was laughing.  I was aware that my body was holding a rifle, firing.  The drugs rose up to mix with the agony, five full doses of something wicked and special.  The sky grew purple and rippled like a velvet curtain in the wind.

from 'Vincible'